Keepit uses Salesforce APIs to back up and restore your Salesforce data. To prevent you from exceeding your Salesforce API request daily limit, by default your usage is set to 50%. This means we stop making requests and accordingly stop the backup or restore when 50% of your total Salesforce requests remain. 

If you have other applications that use Salesforce API requests, we will count those requests together with ours, and thus stop the backup or restore as soon as we reach the reserved amount.

Keepit allows you to set a different API limit if the default usage does not match your needs.

Your backup

If a complete backup has not been made by the time we reach the limit, a partial snapshot will be created, the backup will stop, and the next one will be scheduled. Keep in mind that data in a partial snapshot becomes available to you and that the next backup will continue from where it stopped - adding new data to the previous snapshot. If a backup job stops because the connector reaches the API limit, the backup job will be marked as failed in the Job Monitor and the reason will be "API request usage limit reached."

Your initial backup

For the initial backup we recommend using a higher percentage than 50%. A higher usage such as 90% or 100% will ensure that the your Salesforce data will be quickly secured.

During this period we recommend that you pause any non-critical solutions that are also synchronizing data with your Salesforce account to prevent bottlenecks.

Once the initial backup is complete, we recommend lowering the percentage back to 50% or to your preferred usage.

Your restore

If a restore fails because the limit was reached, you can try increasing your Salesforce API request and then restoring again. Once complete, decrease the limit again to your preferred usage.

How to change your Salesforce API usage in Keepit

If you want to change the API requests usage, you can do so on the Salesforce connector configuration window. Move the slider to the desired percentage. 

Remember that the percentage shows the total usage, which includes usage by other apps, and so we will stop the backup once we reach the reserved amount. For example, if you set it to 80%, then we will stop the backup when 20% of your total Salesforce requests remain.

The change to the API requests will come into effect when the next backup job begins.

Any changes to the API limit will be recorded in the audit logs.

How to increase your API limit in Salesforce

If your default API limit in Salesforce is insufficient for your business requirements, you can request a temporary or permanent increase to the limit. For instructions on how to do this, refer to Salesforce's documentation: Increase your organization's API limit