Any Microsoft Global admin service account can be used to authenticate a connector in Keepit. However, we recommend you create a dedicated account for backup, in particular, because this account will automatically become a member of Groups and Teams.

When using Keepit, we also recommend you do so in a separate incognito browser. This will prevent Keepit from authenticating the wrong Microsoft account. Keepit will use the account you are logged in with in the browser, and this may not be the account you want to use for backup.

Re-authenticate your connector

If you do accidentally authorize a different account, you can easily re-authenticate with the proper service account.

To re-authenticate your connector:

1. On the Connectors page, to the right of your connector's name select the gear icon.
2. In the lower-right corner of the configuration window, select the re-authenticate key icon.

3. Select Authenticate to be re-directed to Microsoft where you can log in with the correct service account. You will then be taken back to Keepit, and the next backup will be performed using the correct account.

Remove service account from Groups & Teams

A service account that authenticates a connector automatically becomes a member of all Teams & Groups that are backed up.

If you authenticated with the wrong account, you may want to remove this account from Groups & Teams.

To see how to remove account from Groups & Teams, click here