To back up Dynamics 365 CE data, you need to have an Office 365 Global administrator account with a proper Dynamics license.
The Dynamics license can be:

  • One of the following subscription plans (or individual licenses that are part of these plans): Dynamics 365 Plan, Customer Engagement Plan, Unified Operations Plan, Dynamics 365 Applications, Dynamics 365 Team Members
  • One of the following Dynamics 365 apps: Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, or Field Service

How to create a Dynamics connector

1. Sign in to Keepit.

Important: Before you sign in, please make sure you are signed out of all personal Microsoft accounts and are only signed into the account you will be using for backup. Otherwise, please sign in to Keepit in an incognito window.

2. On the Connectors screen, click Add, and then select Dynamics 365

3. Enter a name for the connector and then select Sign in with your Dynamics 365 account

4. You will be redirected to the Microsoft sign in page. Enter the credentials for your Dynamics 365 account (the Office 365 Global administrator account you use to sign into Dynamics) and then select Sign In. 

5. The Keepit app will ask for permissions. Read through it and then allow access by clicking Accept.

Note: You will only be asked for permissions the first time you create a connector. After that, Keepit retains the permissions it needs. 

7. You will be redirected back to Keepit where you will see your newly created connector.

8. The first backup will be scheduled. You can follow the progress of your backup by hovering over Synchronizing under Last Update.

9. To edit your connector's configurations, select the gear icon to the right of your new connector. 

Here you can change the name of your connector, limit the retention period, manage role-based access, or delete the connector. 

What's next?

After the initial backup has been completed, the backup will run automatically several times a day.