If a Microsoft 365 user has been deleted from the tenant, first re-create the user in Microsoft. The same email address can be used as the original user, but Microsoft will assign the user a new user ID. 

Then using the import feature, you can return data back to the user from an appropriate snapshot.

It is not possible to use to restore the data because Keepit can only restore user data in place if the IDs are the same (i.e., if the original user still exists).

Important: After you re-create the user in Microsoft 365, it may take a couple of hours for the user's online archive to be provisioned. Accordingly, we recommend you wait at least 2 hours before you proceed with the import.

To import a user's data:

1. In the Users folder, find the deleted user in the connector.

Turn on the delete items view to find the user. Alternatively, open an earlier snapshot where the user still exists.

2. Select ••• > Restore. The import feature will open.

3. Select the connector you want to import the data to.

4. Select the user you want to import the data to.

5. Click Next.

6. Select a snapshot from the time you want to restore and click Next.

7. Review the summary and then click Import.

Data will be imported to the location corresponding to the data type. Duplicate items will be skipped.