Keepit supports the backup and restore of versions of SharePoint items in a list and files in a library.

By default, we back up only the last 100 versions of each item.

In the advanced settings of your backup configuration, you can enable the backup of all versions. Please keep in mind that backing up an unlimited number of versions may result in slower backup performance.

Backed-up versions can be previewed in the Versions Viewer Previewer in the Versions history tab. 

How versions can be restored

You can recover your items and files in the following ways: 

  • By restoring all versions
  • By restoring only the most recent version
  • By restoring a specific previous version

All restore options offer the choice to either restore all backed-up versions or just the most recent version.

For restoring a specific previous version, use the Versions Viewer Previewer.

Restore SharePoint versions with the Versions Viewer Previewer

Restore a previous version of a file

1. Point to the file and select ••• > Versions.

2. Go to the Version history tab to find and preview older versions of the file.

3. Select the version you want to restore and click the restore icon.

4. Click Yes to restore.