5.0.0 - Keepit Major Release Notes

We are very excited to announce the release of Keepit 5.0.0. We are introducing a brand new connector, a customer dashboard, and a feature for GDPR compliance. This release also includes a number of UI and system improvements and security enhancements. 

What's New

Get even better coverage of Microsoft 365 with our new Azure AD connector

We now offer even better coverage of Microsoft 365 data with the new Azure AD connector.

The connector backs up Azure AD metadata. Specifically, it covers the attributes and relationships of users, groups, administrative units, and roles, as well as audit and sign-in logs. 

When restoring data, you can preview and compare with previous snapshots the attributes, relationships, and other metadata of each object. This will help you get a clear understanding of what you are restoring.

You also have the option to restore objects together with their subobjects to ensure the integrity of the Azure AD data.
For more information, visit our Support Site.

Keep track of backups and recovery jobs with the customer dashboard

The customer dashboard provides you with a quick overview of the state of all your connectors, backups, and recovery jobs.

The dashboard helps you to monitor jobs by providing you with statuses and a graphical display of information.

Here you can:

  • Track your current backup progress in real-time
  • Check the detailed backup status messages to help you stay on top of your jobs and react quickly in case of an issue
  • See an overview of recovery jobs and statistics
  • Find links to useful articles and to release notes

Only the Master Admin, Backup Admin, and Full Support user roles have access to the dashboard.

For more information, see: Using the dashboard

Stay GDPR compliant with the RTBF (Right to be Forgotten) label

We have made it easier for you to be GDPR compliant by introducing the possibility to mark items with an RTBF (Right to be Forgotten) label. 

RTBF labels protect files by preventing them from being previewed, downloaded, or restored to the production database. 

A list of items marked with this label can be found in the new RTBF page. From this page labels can be removed from items.

As part of this feature, we are also introducing a new user role - the Compliance Administrator. This user role has permission to assign and remove RTBF labels, and has access to the RTBF page. 

Only the Master Admin and Compliance Admin can assign or remove RTBF labels. After marking an item with the RTBF label, the file will be visible only to these user roles. For the Master and Compliance Admins, adding a label will disable all recovery actions on the item. 
For more information on RTBF labels, see: Assign or remove an RTBF label
For more information about user roles, see: 
Available user roles