When your Microsoft 365 account has been set up (see: Prepare your Microsoft 365 account) and your Keepit account is ready, it is time to set up a connector.

Note: We don't recommend you to use Internet Explorer when creating a connector. See also: What browsers does Keepit support?

Add a new connector

Important: Before you begin, please make sure you are signed out of all personal Microsoft accounts and are only signed into the account you will be using for backup. Otherwise, please sign in to Keepit in an incognito window.

1. In the lower-right corner, select +Add connector > Add Microsoft 365 —Āonnector

2. Click Sign in to be redirected to the Microsoft sign-in page.
If you are already signed in to the global admin service account, pick the account or use another account. If you are not signed in, enter your global admin account credentials.

3. Read through the permissions and select Accept.

Note: To perform a backup, Keepit needs to have access to data. Once you have signed in to your Microsoft account, Keepit will ask permission to access all users and their details. It is not possible for Keepit to back up data that the Microsoft 365 administrator account does not have access to.

4. You will be redirected back to Keepit where you can configure your backup.

5. Select Save to schedule your first backup.

Watch a video tutorial on how to add a M365 connector