You can easily restore single files and folders. The file or folder that you select is restored to its original location. If a file or folder with the same name already exists in the location, it will be overwritten.

Keepit can restore all data types except for Teams data (Channel chat messages and Wiki pages). This data can be recovered by copy-pasting data out and downloading raw files. 

Note: Restoring while browsing will restore the file that you are viewing in the interface, so make sure you have the correct snapshot selected. If no snapshot is selected, the latest version will be restored.

To restore from a history snapshot:

1. Select the connector from which you want to restore.

2. Click on the monitor icon and then select History Snapshots.

2. Select the point in time from which you want to restore.

You will see icons next to each snapshot informing you whether the snapshot is indexed or unindexed as well as complete or partial. For more about partial snapshots, see: What are partial snapshots?

3. Navigate to the file or folder you want to restore.

4. Click the More Options icon (...) and select Restore.

5. Click Yes to confirm the restore.