Available Groups & Teams data types

  • Conversation
  • Calendar
  • Planner
  • Files 
  • Channels
    • Posts (Team channel conversations and announcements) and replies 
      Note: The message ID is used as the name of subjectless channel posts
    • Files (for public channels a link to the group's files and for private channels a folder with the channel's files)
    • Wiki pages (backed up but cannot be restored, recoverable only by copy-pasting data out or downloading raw files)
    • Tabs (Website, Planner, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, PDF, Document Library, OneNote, SharePoint, Stream, Forms, Power BI, Flow, and Azure DevOps) 
    • Meeting recordings (stored in the OneDrive of the user who started the recording)
  • SharePoint
    • Team sites
    • Notebooks

Microsoft 365 groups, teams, and SharePoint team sites are closely related and often contain overlapping data. Every Microsoft 365 Group has a team site in SharePoint. A group can also have a team in Teams, which is either manually or automatically created depending on Microsoft settings. For every team that is created, a Microsoft 365 group is automatically created, which in turn creates a team site in SharePoint.

In Keepit, groups and teams data is backed up in the Groups & Teams folder, while the group's team site and notebook are backed up in the SharePoint folder. 

However, to back up a group's team site and its notebook, you do not need to enable the SharePoint data area but can select the SharePoint checkbox in the Groups & Teams advanced backup settings.

Where to find team sites and notebooks

SharePoint data type selected

If the SharePoint data type is selected, a SharePoint folder with the team sites will be created in Keepit – even if the SharePoint data area is disabled on the main Microsoft 365 configuration window. Links to the SharePoint team site and to the notebook will be found in Groups & Teams > group name.

This remains true even if a group is included in the backup in Groups & Teams, but its team site is excluded from the backup in the SharePoint settings.

If a group is excluded from the backup in the Groups & Teams settings, but its team site is included in the backup in the SharePoint settings, the group will not have a folder in the Groups & Teams backup, but the team's site will be found in the SharePoint folder.     

SharePoint data type deselected

If the SharePoint data type is deselected, but the group's team site is selected in the SharePoint backup settings, the group's team site will be backed up, but there will be no link to the team site in the group's folder. The backed up site will be in the SharePoint folder.