Use the restore wizard to restore all records in the organization. You can choose how to restore objects, fields and records. 

To restore an entire organization:

1. To the right of your connector, click the Restore icon.

2. Select to restore to the same location, select Next. The records will be restored to the same environment.

Important: We do not currently support restoring a full organization to a different location. 

3. Select a snapshot from the time you want to restore, and then click Next.

4. Choose Restore full organization, and then click Next.

5. Choose what to do with objects, fields, and records, and click Next

  • Create missing: We will create items from the snapshot that are not found in Salesforce.
  • Update existing: If there are duplicate items, we will update the items in Salesforce.
  • Delete new: We will delete items found in Salesforce that are not in the snapshot.

Note: To learn more about what these selections means and what data will be restored, see: Deciding how to restore an entire Salesforce organization 

6. Review the summary, and then click Restore