Restore Salesforce records by manually selecting records

1. On the Connectors page, point to the connector and click the Restore icon.

2. Select where to restore:

  • If you select to restore to the same location, click Next. The records will be restored to the same environment.
  • If you select to restore to a different location, choose whether to a sandbox or production, and then click Sign in.
    You will be 
    redirected to the Salesforce sign-in page where you must enter your Salesforce System Admin user account credentials for that environment.

3. Select a snapshot from the time you want to restore and click Next.

4. Select Manually select records and click Next.

5. Select the records you want to restore and click Next.


  • Select objects to automatically select all such record types. Individual records can then be explicitly excluded.
  • Use the filter fields to help you find the records.
  • Preview the records to ensure you have included what you need

6. Select whether to also restore related records and click Next.
If you enable this function, all related records lower in the hierarchy will be restored. Files and attachments of related records will also be restored.

7. Select whether to restore specific fields and anonymize data. Click Next.
Anonymizing fields replaces sensitive data with dummy data. 

Note: Certain fields such as ID and Name must be restored.

8. Review the summary and click Restore