Stay informed about your Microsoft 365 backup coverage by generating detailed compliance reports.

These reports offer a comprehensive overview of backed-up users, SharePoint sites, and Groups & Teams within your connector.

Please note that only master admins and backup admins can generate and download compliance reports.

Generate a compliance report

1. Open your connector on the Dashboard page.

2. Click Compliance report

3. Select which data areas to include in the report. 

4. Review the summary and click Generate.

A link to the compliance report will be generated and sent to the in-app message inbox and to your email.

You will receive a CSV file for each selected data area.

What you will find in the report

  • Exchange: Full list of all backed up users 
  • OneDrive: Full list of all backed up users 
  • SharePoint: Full list of all backed up SharePoint sites
  • Groups & Team: Full list of all backed up groups and teams 
  • Public Folders: Full list of all backed up public folders 
  • Teams Chats: Full list of all backed up users

For each item:

  • Name: The name of the item
  • Label: All labels assigned to the item (i.e., RTBF label)
  • Size: The size of the item in bytes
  • Date item was first backed up: The date of the snapshot when the item first entered the backup set
  • Date item was last modified: The date of the last snapshot when the specific item was modified
  • Link (only for SharePoint): The link to the SharePoint site