Multi-app functionality enables Keepit to leverage multiple app registrations within your Entra tenant, optimizing backup processes for Teams Chats.

Аs part of the multi-app setup process, an Administrator with Application Administrator or Global Administrator permissions must initially create an app registration through the Microsoft Entra admin center. 

Once created, you can connect this app registration to Keepit to begin backing up your Teams Chats data.

Note: We recommend backing up Teams Chats in a separate connector from other data areas. 


Before you connecting your app, ensure the following: 

Create an app registration
Prepare your app registration in Entra ID. Find instructions here. 

Retrieve your App ID
Copy the App ID from your app registration.

Obtain a certificate file and private key
Refer to Microsoft's article on creating a certificate. Find the article here.
Alternatively, use our PowerShell script. You can download the script here.

Using your own certificate

If you create your own certificate, follow this configuration:

  • Certificate format: x509
  • Hash Algorithm: sha256
  • Encryption Algorithm: rsa2048

Using a mac

If you are using a Mac, follow these steps using OpenSSL to generate a certificate:

1. Generate a self-signed certificate (x509 with rsa 2048 valid for the 2 years) by running the following command:
openssl req -x509 -sha256 -days 730 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout privateKey.key -out certificate.crt
This will generate two files: privateKey.key and certificate.crt

2.  Upload the certificate.crt in the Certificates & secrets section for the target Application Registration in the Entra ID admin center.

3. Remove the passphrase from certificate key by running the following command:
openssl rsa -in privateKey.key -out privateKeyWoPass.key

4. Use certificate.crt and privateKeyWoPass.key to configure your custom Teams app in Keepit

Connect your Entra App Registration to Keepit

  1. Open the backup configuration of the connector you want to back up Teams Chats data.
  2. Enable the Teams Chats backup.
  3. In the lower-right corner, select ••• App registration
  4. Ensure you're properly prepared and click Next.
  5. Enter the app ID, certificate, and private key and in the designated fields and click Connect app registration
    The certificate can have the following formats: CRT, CER, PEM
    The key must be in the KEY format.

  6. Sign in with a global admin user and accept the permissions. 
  7. Review the summary and click Configure
  8. Review your backup setup, make any necessary changes, and click Save.

Your Teams Chats backup will be scheduled accordingly.

How to create an app registration in Entra ID tenant video