To share a file or folder with a public link:

1. In your connector, find the file or folder you want to share.

2. Optional: If you want to share an older version of the item, select the Snapshots Viewer icon, and then select an earlier snapshot. You will now be viewing data from that particular time. 

3. To the right of the file or folder name, select the Share icon. 

4. Select Create link.

5. Select the copy link icon to copy the link to the clipboard.

6. Optional: Set a time limit and/or password for the public link and select Save.

All public links that are created are listed on the Public Links page. From there you can find detailed information about each link as well as reconfigure, delete, or copy the link.   

Additional information:

  • Public links created from the latest snapshot will always show the latest available data. This means if the item is modified, the version of the item accessible via the public link will reflect the changes.
  • Creating a public link from an older snapshot gives you the option to lock the link to that specific version of the item.