Files and Attachments are backed up in separate root folders found alongside the Objects folder.


The Attachments folder contains files attached to records in Salesforce Classic. These items cannot be restored individually.

The Files folder contains files attached to records in Lightning Experience and those that uploaded to Files in a Salesforce organization. 

Only items in the Files folder can be restored in place. Attachments can be downloaded or restored with a record.

Restore Salesforce files

1. In your connector, find the file you want to restore. 

2. Optional: If you want to restore a file from an earlier point in time, select the Snapshots Viewer, and then choose the appropriate snapshot.

3. Point to the file and select ••• > Restore.

4. Click Yes to restore the file. 

Important: If the file owner is deactivated in Salesforce, the user who initiates the restore will automatically become the new owner of the file.

Note: To restore multiple items at a time, select them and then click Restore in the toolbar.

Recover Salesforce attachments

To recover attachments, you have two options:

  • Download the attachment and manually upload it back to Salesforce
  • If the attachment is attached to a record, restore the record to automatically bring back the attachment. 

Inside the Objects folder, there is also an Attachments folder. The items are the same as those in the Attachments root folder but here the items only contain the metadata of the attachments. While these items can be restored, no content will be recovered.