Product Portfolio

The Product Portfolio page is where you can find a list of all available products.

When creating a Partner account, you can choose which of these products to add to the partner's product portfolio. The list of available products is inherited from the parent account. Once a product has been assigned, it can no longer be removed from the portfolio.

When creating a Customer account, you can choose a product from your product portfolio to assign to the customer.


A list of all your products. Select a product to see more details.


For each product, you can find the following product details: name of the product, the product ID, snapshot retention period, delete retention period, and service period.

You can also see which types of connectors can be created and their seat limits. 

Products for accounts

Product portfolio of partner subaccounts

Select a partner account to see the account's product portfolio.

To make changes, in the Account Info card, click ••• > Edit. Here you can add new products to the portfolio. Products that were previously assigned cannot be removed.

Product properties of accounts

The product properties tab is where you can find a partner or customer account's current product properties.

For customer accounts, this is also where you can view and add custom properties

To see the product properties, on the Accounts page, hover over the account, click ••• > Edit. Then select the Product properties tab.