A Keepit Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner account is used to access the Partner Management Console (PMC) and for multi-account management.

When an MSP Partner account is created, a user is automatically created, which is assigned with the MSP Partner user role. The role defines what the user is able to do in the platform. In addition to having full access to the PMC (see Using the Partner Management Console), an MSP Partner can:

  • Create, edit, and delete users for customer accounts directly in the PMC
  • Sign in to multiple customer accounts directly from the PMC using their own set of credentials 

For a full list of MSP Partner permissions, see User Roles and Permissions in PMC.

Creating new customer accounts

An MSP Partner can create customer accounts, not partner or MSP partner accounts.

For more information on how to create accounts, see Create, edit, or delete an account in PMC.

Managing users for customer accounts

An MSP Partner can create, edit, and delete users for customer accounts directly in the PMC.

On the Accounts page, select the customer account. In the Users card, select the action you want to take.

For more information on managing users, see Create, edit, or delete a user in PMC.

Managing multiple customer accounts

As an MSP Partner, you can sign in to customer accounts from the PMC using your MSP Partner credentials.

Note: If a customer account has SSO enabled and is mandatory, you will still be able to sign in to the account, bypassing the SSO.

For efficient management, you can be signed in to multiple customer accounts at one time. Each sign-in automatically opens a new tab.

Inside the Keepit platform, you will be granted Master Admin level permissions to help you manage the customer account. The only limitation is that you cannot create API session tokens. For the full list of Master Admin permissions, see Available user roles.

Important: In all places where the Keepit platform requires you to confirm an action with a password or SSO, use your own MSP Partner password or SSO.

To sign in to a customer account:

1. In the Accounts page, select the customer account.

2. In the toolbar, click the Access account icon.

3. Enter your MPS partner account password and click Access.
A new tab will open and you will be signed in to the customer's account in Keepit.