On the Dashboard, you can find a connector and account monitor.

Here you will see an overview of all critical connectors, account deletions, service expirations, and seat usage violations. 

From here you also have the possibility to take recommended actions.

Critical state

This tab shows connectors across all customer accounts that are in a critical state.

What information you can find

  • Name - the name of the account
  • Email - the email of the account
  • Connectors - the name of the connector
  • Details - the reason the connector is in a critical state

What you can do

Click on a connector to go to the account overview. Here you can find more details about the account and see backup statistics. 

Expiring soon

This tab shows which accounts are scheduled for deletion, which POC accounts are ending, and which services are expiring soon.

What information you can find

  • Name - the name of the account
  • Email - the email of the account
  • Details 
    • Accounts scheduled for deletion
    • POC accounts reaching the end of their trial periods
    • Services expiring within 30 days
  • Expiration date - the date when an account will be deleted, a POC account will end its trial period, and a service will expire

What you can do

  • Accounts: Click on an account to revive it.
  • POC accounts: Click on a POC account to open the account info page. Here you can select a paid product.
  • Services: To extend the service, please contact Support.
    If a service expires, the account will be scheduled for deletion.

Exceeding usage

This tab shows all accounts exceeding seat usage.

What information you can find

  • Name - the name of the account
  • Email - the email of the account
  • Details - which seat limit properties have exceeded their limits
  • Usage - the number of seats the account has consumed
  • Limit - the limit that is set for the account for the particular property.
    A faded number with a green icon means that the limit has been changed, but has not come into effect yet. 
  • Grace period - the number of days left until the backups start to be unsuccessful.
    A dash means that the grace period has ended. 

What you can do

Click on an account to open the custom property configuration. Here you can raise the limit. The earliest you can schedule a change is for the following day.