The Partner Management Console (PMC) is where you can access all critical business tools and information you need to drive your business with Keepit.

This is where you can:

  • See an overview of your account
  • Create and manage subaccounts
  • Quickly understand your customers' backup status 
  • Instantly identify connectors in a critical state, accounts expiring soon, and accounts exceeding seat usage.


This is where you can find your account details and see if any connectors are in a critical state and need action. 

Account Info

An overview of your account details.

Click ••• to edit account details, view subaccounts, or create subaccounts. 

Connector and account monitoring

  • Critical state shows all connectors across all customer accounts that are in a critical state.
  • Expiring soon shows accounts scheduled for deletion, POC accounts ending their trial periods, and services expiring soon.
  • Exceeding usage shows which accounts have reached their seat limit. 

For more information, go to PMC Connector and Account Monitor 

Have any feedback?

This is where you can leave your suggestions and ideas to help us make the PMC even better.


The Accounts page is where you can find all your subaccounts. This is also where you can create new accounts.

Product Portfolio 

The Product Portfolio page is where you can find a list of all available products.

Seat Usage 

The usage page is where you can get an overview of seat consumption for all your partner and customer accounts. This is also where you can download CSV reports.

Audit Log

The audit log records events initiated by all users on your PMC account.

For additional information on the audit log and a list of all events recorded in the log, go to Using the PMC Audit Log  

Your Account Info

In the lower-left corner, select your account profile > Account info.

In the Account settings tab, you can view and edit your account details.

In the User tab, you can view and manage all the users that have been created on your account.

In the Service & Billing tab, you can find your Service info, including product name, service ID, and service period.

In the Security tab, you can configure SSO and MFA.

Your User Info

In the lower-left corner select your account profile > User info.

In the User info tab, you can see your login information and change your password. 

In the Security tab, if MFA is enable for your account, this is where you can see your MFA information and reset your TOTP.

Other Features


See messages concerning your account.


Find a quick link to the Keepit support site.

Terms of Service

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