The audit log records events initiated by all users on your PMC account.

How do I access the audit log?

Partner and MSP Partner users have access to the audit log.

The audit log page can be opened by clicking on Audit Log in the left menu in the PMC.

What does the audit log show?

The following information is included for each event recorded by the audit log:

  • Event: Event that occurred
  • User: User who initiated the event
  • Area: Type of event
  • Company name: The company name of the impacted account
  • Account ID: Account ID of the affected account
  • IP address: IP address of the user who initiated the event
  • Time: Date and time the event occurred

What types of events does the audit log track?

The log is categorized by user, account, security, and subaccount events.

  • User events track all events related to account sign-ins, tokens, and users
  • Account events track changes to account details
  • Security events track changes to SSO and MFA settings
  • Subaccount events track changes made to partner and customer subaccounts

What events does the audit log record?

The audit log records every time a user:

User events

  • Creates secondary token (when a user signs in to PMC or when an API token is created)
  • Deletes secondary token (when a user signs out of PMC or API token is deleted)
  • Creates new user
  • Changes username
  • Changes user email
  • Changes user expiration date
  • Changes user password
  • Changes user role 
  • Deletes user

Account events

  • Changes company email
  • Changes company name
  • Changes account language

Security events

  • Enables SSO
  • Disables SSO
  • Creates SSO configuration
  • Edits SSO configuration
  • Deletes SSO configuration
  • Enables MFA
  • Disables MFA
  • Updates MFA settings: Trusted IPs

  • Updates MFA settings: TOTP

Subaccount events

  • Creates new account
  • Deletes account
  • Changes subaccount language
  • Changes product
  • Creates custom property
  • Edits custom property
  • Deletes custom property
  • Adds product to subaccount product portfolio
  • Changes company name
  • Changes contact email
  • Creates new user
  • Changes username
  • Changes user email
  • Changes user expiration date
  • Changes user password
  • Changes user role
  • Deletes user


In some cases, the log will show two MFA-related events even if just one action was taken.

If TOTP was previously enabled and then a user adds or edits an IP range, or іf an IP range was previously set and then a user enables TOTP, then you will see in the logs two messages:

Updated MFA settings: Trusted IPs
Updated MFA settings: TOTP

Filtering audit logs

You can enter terms in the filter field to narrow down the audit data.

You can also use the available filter categories by selecting the filter icon. Make your selections and then select Apply filters.

Downloading the audit log

You can download a CSV file of the audit log by selecting the download icon in the toolbar.

If you filter the list before starting the download, the CSV file is also filtered this way.