Use the usage page to get an overview of seat consumption for all your partner and customer accounts. This is also where you can download CSV reports.

All amounts are based on the last completed backup. 

Usage Overview

At the top of the page you can find an overview of seat usage for the selected account.

Select a time range to see insights for a particular day or choose a longer period to see usage trends.

Data is visualized in a chart showing usage by connector type and a graph showing usage over time.

Usage per account

Below you can find a list of all your subaccounts with total seat usage.

If you are viewing usage for a specific day, you can also see the seat limit that is set for that day.

Expand the view to see more details:

  • For partner accounts, you can see the total seat usage for all customer accounts according to connector type.
  • For customer accounts, you can see usage numbers for each license.

You can also open the usage page for each account to see an overview together with usage charts and graphs.

Downloadable CSV reports

Reports are available to download for partner accounts and customer accounts.

Reports are for the time range you are viewing.

Download a CSV report

To download a report for the account you are viewing, on the seat usage card, select Download report.

If you are on the usage page for a partner account, you can download a report for a subaccount. Point to an account and on the right, click the Download report icon.