Keepit messages help you stay informed on a variety of events. In particular, they help you monitor your connectors as well as your backup and restore jobs. 

By default, Keepit sends messages to the in-app inbox of the primary Master Admin user and to this Master Admin's email. 

Other users do not receive messages, unless this option is manually enabled for them.

Messages concerning a user's account sign-in (e.g., an activation email or the password reset email) are always sent, even if messages are disabled for the user. Only the user to whom they are directed will have access to them.

Finding messages in the Keepit platform

In-app messages can be found on the Messages page by clicking Messages in the left navigation menu. 

Enabling messages for users

A Master Admin can enable messages being sent to other users to allow them to see connector, backup, and restore updates.

Messages can be enabled when a user is first being created by turning on the Send messages toggle. 

To enable messages for users that have already been created, go to your account profile > Account info. In the Users tab, point to the user and click the gear icon. Turn on the Send messages toggle. 

What events trigger messages

Connector updates

  • A new connector is added
  • A connector's health is changed

Backup updates

  • The initial backup on a connector is completed
  • A backup is unsuccessful
  • A backup is incomplete

Restore updates

  • A restore is started
  • A restore is successful
  • A restore is unsuccessful
  • A restore is incomplete

PST download update

  • PST file download link is generated

Multi-geo configuration update 

  • The geo location of a connector is changed (only for connectors with multi-geo support)

For more information about backup jobs, see Using the Job Monitor