Stay informed about important updates and events in your customer accounts by customizing your message preferences.

You have the flexibility to choose which messages you receive for each customer account, ensuring you stay connected to the information that matters most.

The messages will come direct to your PMC messages inbox and to the account contact email. All users will have access to these messages. 

Enable customer messages at the account level

1. In the lower-left corner, select the account profile > Account info.

2. Go to the Messages tab > Customer messages.

3. Enable Receive messages about customer accounts.

4. Select which message you wish to receive.

5. Click Update to save your preferences.

Disable messages for specific customers

By default, you will receive message for all customer accounts if receiving customer messages is enabled as described above. 

If you prefer not to receive messages for certain customer accounts, follow these steps:

1. Open the Accounts page.

2. Point to the account and select ••• > Edit.

3. In Account settings, disable the Receive messages about this customer toggle.

4. Click Update to save your settings.